Discovery Kit

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Real Fragrance
To create real fragrances, it takes real ingredients.

Shay & Blue Discovery Kits are a truly wonderful way to become acquainted with our diverse collection of modern scents and find your new signature fragrance. Choose from one of three Discovery Kits below to start your journey today!

Each Discovery Kit comes with a special promo code good for ten percent off the purchase of your next 100 ml / 3.4 FL. OZ bottle!

Fresh & Fruity Discovery Kit
Blackberry Woods
Blood Oranges
Blueberry Musk
Framboise Noire
White Peaches

Floral & Gourmand Discovery Kit
Amber Rose
Atropa Belladonna
Black Tulip
Dandelion Fig
English Cherry Blossom
Salt Caramel

Warm & Woody Discovery Kit
Amber Oud Ahad
Blacks Club Leather
Kings Wood
Oud Alif