Winner BEST NEW FRAGRANCE HOUSE 2014 The Beauty Shortlist  *  Winner BEST ARTISAN FRAGRANCES 2012 Monocle  *  Winner BEST CREATIVE DIRECTOR 2014 Ca Fleure Bon Best of Scent Awards

The creators at Shay & Blue.
Dom De Vetta, founder and creative director. Julie Massé, perfumer.
Professionals with flair and passion. Dom, a veteran of quality fragrance, ex Senior Vice President of Chanel and former Global General Manager of Jo Malone London. Julie, new-generation perfumer of the moment.
Together, a talent for creating beautiful things. For bringing a touch of opulence, elegance and whimsy to the world.
A vision to create perfumes that are deliciously decadent, daringly different.
Dom De Vetta, Founder and Creative Director
Winner BEST CREATIVE DIRECTOR 2014 Ca Fleure Bon Best of Scent Awards

Dom De Vetta, founder and creative director, believes modern fragrance should “stand on the shoulders of giants” of past perfume greats. He has a vision to create a collection of scents with the richness and quality of belle époque perfumes, but that also are strikingly modern and desirable.
Dom created Shay & Blue in London in 2012. He is a passionate seeker of the finest talent in perfumery, having spent much of his illustrious career creating quality fragrance, in particular at Chanel and Jo Malone London.
At the end of 2014 he won the prestigious Best Creative Director award at the highly regarded Ca Fleure Bon Best of Scent Awards, who said "Dom De Vetta of Shay & Blue was our winner this year, for utilising his incredible olfactory knowledge and accumulated luxury business acumen to create one of the most imaginative and accessible new fragrance houses in recent years. Shay & Blue oozes charisma and style, producing witty, unique scents that riff on universal scented themes yet remain somehow leftfield and intensely covetable."
Dom thinks now is the right time to build a boutique company of talented individuals who will guard the flame of traditional fragrance creation know-how.
To preserve quality fragrance-making techniques for future generations.
Julie Massé, Perfumer

Julie Massé, perfumer, and new-generation talent. A young perfumer who has a flair for taking perfume’s greatest accords and updating them with a refreshing dose of modernity and originality. Dom’s search for a new “nose” with sophistication, character and warmth ended as soon as he discovered Julie.
From a Grasse family, legendary home of traditional perfume-making. But with a modern, international outlook. Julie has an impeccable pedigree, having trained with some of perfume’s biggest legends, including Christine Nagel and Pierre Bourdon.
Dom believes that Julie’s skill and her instinct for what smells contemporary mark her out as one of the future great perfumers of the twenty-first century.
Meet our two creators, Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé, at in-store appearances.
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Julia Sarr-Jamois, Style Director

And introducing Julia Sarr-Jamois, Style Director, ambassador and muse. She helps our two creators, Dom and Julie, challenge what’s possible conceptually, as well as visually. Using instinct and natural wit, she adds a dash of whimsy to the look and feel of the opulent world of Shay & Blue.
Julia is a muse in the best tradition of some of the finest and most creative fashion brands. Stylist extraordinaire and Fashion-Editor-At-Large of influential style bible ID-Magazine, she is much sought-after for her visual sense. Dom knew that Julia was meant to be Shay & Blue Style Director the instant he met her, as soon as he felt her humour and her relaxed, gentle confidence.
More of Julia’s work can be seen at

At Shay & Blue we commission skilled craftsmen to make our fragrances and candles. And talented new-generation fine artists, photographers and stylists to help create our visual world.
So it is only natural that we would commission botanical artist, Holly Somerville, to create original watercolours to convey the visual spirit of our fragrances.
Holly, based in romantic County Wicklow in the heart of the Irish countryside, has a passion for plants and flowers, and a talent for fine botanical watercolours.
To browse Holly’s fine work - or for your own, private commission – see