Hand crafted in England

Winner BEST NEW FRAGRANCE HOUSE 2014 The Beauty Shortlist  *  Winner BEST ARTISAN FRAGRANCES 2012 Monocle

The care, attention and painstaking patience of quality.
Dom De Vetta, founder and creative director, created Shay & Blue to recapture some of the lost quality of the great, classic perfumes. Many of today’s perfumes can seem thin, simple, one-dimensional. Many of today’s perfumes are churned out in their millions in anonymous factories.
In contrast, Shay & Blue’s defining purpose is the nurture of perfumery’s artisanal expertise, to preserve time-honoured methods of quality fragrance making.
Seeking out the rare craftsmen and the precious skills of traditional fragrance-making. Championing men and women who have learned the patient skills of working with real flowers, fruit and spices.
The people who have carefully and quietly acquired an invaluable expertise.
Hand harvesting. Hand weighing. Hand distilling.
With a level of care, attention, and passion that mass-production can’t rival.

Because you demand only the best.
Creation of the fragrances begins with our creators. But the story continues with the expertise of countless others.
‘Grasse’, in the hills behind Cannes in the South of France, world-famous site of quality perfume making. A magical place where founder, Dom and perfumer, Julie oversee dozens of skilled individuals for year-round harvests of delicate crops.
The queen of roses, May rose, in May. White narcissus in June. Lavender in July. The August jasmine harvest.
The autumnal crops of cassis berries, limes.
Winter picking of delicate mimosa and juicy blood orange.
The quality of each fragrance is assured. Craftsmen carefully pick real flowers, fruit and spices. Working with hands. With real produce. They gather and weigh. Petals and pods, blooms and kernels. They ripen and mature. They crush and extract. They work painstakingly, patiently, until what is left is the precious distillation of a fragrance oil of quality.
Winner BEST CREATIVE DIRECTOR 2014 Ca Fleure Bon Best of Scent Awards

Back in England, London-based expert craftsmen and women take delivery of the precious distilled fragrance oils from Grasse.
In their fine fragrance atelier in East London, they mix the oils to the correct temperature.
The blends are left to stand... to mature for over three months. For richness and depth. Later, filling carefully, by hand, into exquisite smoky blue glass.
Elsewhere, at a candle atelier in the English countryside. Shay & Blue candles, made by some of the finest wax craftsmen in the world. With over a hundred combined years of candle-making experience. An expertise that creates the Shay & Blue candle. One of the finest candles available anywhere. Made with patience. With luxury beeswax.
Made exclusively from one hundred per cent natural waxes.
Rare, because candles made with all-natural waxes demand unusual skill and expense.
The all-natural waxes burn in harmony with natural, cotton wicks - lead-free. One of many painstaking selections that give a Shay & Blue candle the ultimate in burn-quality and diffusion.
Our creators, Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé, have a vision to make fragrances and candles of extraordinary quality and fine attention to detail. Dom and Julie’s passion is your personal guarantee that Shay & Blue take the trouble to seek out the fine ingredients, the rare craftsmen and the precious skills of the fragrance-making methods of old.
So that you can say with confidence – a Shay & Blue fragrance is a truly fine fragrance.